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N.A.S.A. and Karen O Drop Disco Cover of Bob Marley’s ‘I Shot the Sheriff’

It's been awhile since we're heard from N.A.S.A., but there are worse ways to stage a comeback than with a dub-disco version of Bob Marley'…
By: Chris Martins / January 27, 2014

Watch Maximum Hedrum’s Adrenalized ‘Synthesize’ Video

Last we heard from Sam Spiegel, he was at the helm of N.A.S.A., a space-age hip-hop project that brought together guests like E-40, David Byrne,…
By: Philip Sherburne / February 4, 2013

The All-Stars: N.A.S.A.

FACE TIME: Ever since A-listers lined up to virtually duet with Frank Sinatra in 1993, pop collaborations have become devalued as events, even as they've…
By: Steve Kandell / January 19, 2009