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Com Truise Turns Tycho’s ‘Awake’ Into a Blissful Daydream

Hot on the heels of California synth-pop trio Tycho's second full-length album, Awake, New York via Ann Arbor's iconic Ghostly International tapped Com Truise to…
By: Max Pearl / June 25, 2014

Hear Memoryhouse Remix Tycho’s Celestial ‘Dive’

Under the name Tycho, San Francisco producer and graphic designer Scott Hansen has long proved himself a master of supremely intelligent, intensely emotional electronic soundscapes.
By: David Marchese / April 12, 2012

Tycho, ‘Dive’ (Ghostly International)

Divesounds exactly like the music you'd expect from a San Francisco–based graphic designer who shares his pseudonym (Brahe) with the 16th-century scientist who revolutionized the…
By: Eric Harvey / November 8, 2011

First Spin: Hear Tycho’s Effervescent ‘Dive’ LP

Tycho is Scott Hansen, a San Francisco producer who's gearing up to release Dive, his excellent new full-length under that pseudonym, on November 16 via…
By: David Bevan / October 31, 2011