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Tool’s Adam Jones Teases Eerie New Music

Just last month, Tool’s Adam Jones suggested that the band was hoping to finally release a follow-up to 2006’s 10,000 Days later this year. And…
Colin Joyce / May 3, 2015

Tool Hopes To Have a New Album Out This Year

Tool’s years-long legal woes appear to have finally come to a close, according to a new interview with Yahoo! Music, and that means the band…
Colin Joyce / March 15, 2015

Primus Teamed With Tool’s Drummer Danny Carey For a Grimy Cover of ‘Ænema’

To gear up for the release of their Willy Wonka-inspired concept album, Primus have set out on a small string of tour dates bookended by…
Colin Joyce / September 15, 2014

Tool Can’t Release ‘Nose-Bleeding’ New Album Because of Legal Drama

Even though the Los Angeles quartet has managed to hit the road intermittently over the last few years, Tool haven’t released a new album since…
Colin Joyce / July 15, 2014

Tool and Melvins Members Cameo in OFF!’s ‘Red White and Black’ Video

Back in February, we learned OFF! hate hippies, cops, and happiness. Now, the punk supergroup led by FLAG’s Keith Morris has a new target of…
Dan Reilly / April 15, 2014

Buy Maynard James Keenan of Tool’s House for a Mere $3 Million

Do you have three million bucks to spare? Actually just $2.8 million, to be exact. Of course you do! There’s a home on sale —…
Marc Hogan / March 12, 2014

Tool’s New Album Is Not Done, Sorry

UPDATE: Tool have officially refuted the rumor that their next album is completed. The band explained the confusion in a statement released to Rolling Stone: “Last…
Marc Hogan / March 7, 2014

Tool Are Up to Their Old Pummeling, Mystifying Tricks at Spokane Tour Opener

The house lights drop, and the crowd erupts. A looping kick-drum line fades up, sounding like a beating heart. Blue and purple lights pulse their…
Luke Baumgarten / March 5, 2014

Tool’s 2014 Tour Just Got Bigger

Tool have expanded their brief 2014 tour plans. The art-metal godheads announced on their website that they'll be making a few extra stops on their…
Kyle McGovern / February 11, 2014

Tool Are Touring in 2014

Tool will be touring in 2014. The band announced a series of March North American dates in on their website today. Tickets for the U.S.
Chris Martins / January 21, 2014
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