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Dr. Dre Now Richer Than Jay Z

Wherever money exists, Forbes is there with a corresponding list of the top net incomes. And rap, one of the most profitable musical genres, holds no…
By: John Surico / April 16, 2014

Diddy’s ‘Downtown Abbey’ Tweets Were a Dumb Promotional Stunt

To the relief of Downton Abbey aficianados and the chagrin of train-wreck lovers everywhere, Diddy will not be joining the cast of the hit British…
By: Chris Martins / May 16, 2013

Diddy Talks Dirty Money, Sex, and Twittermania

If you follow Diddy on Twitter - and really, why wouldn't you? - you know that the rap superstar taps out incessant musings on everything…
By: Nicole Frehsée / December 16, 2010