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Canonize That Booty: Puff Daddy Salutes JLo’s Rear as All-Time Greatest

As we all know by now, 2014 was the Summer of Ass. Although she didn't kick it off, Jennifer Lopez reclaimed her status as the…
By: Andrew Unterberger / October 1, 2014

Watch Nas and Jay Z Keep the Peace Onstage at Coachella 2014

While his wife/partner-in-crime broke it down onstage nearby, Jay Z made a special appearance during Nas' Coachella set. The former rivals rapped together o…
By: John Surico / April 13, 2014

Diddy’s ‘Downtown Abbey’ Tweets Were a Dumb Promotional Stunt

To the relief of Downton Abbey aficianados and the chagrin of train-wreck lovers everywhere, Diddy will not be joining the cast of the hit British…
By: Chris Martins / May 16, 2013

Watch Diddy Rock the Wrestlemania Stage Like It’s 1998

Diddy brought droves of wrestling fans back to the innocent, glorious time that was the late 1990s last night (April 7), performing a medley of…
By: Kyle McGovern / April 8, 2013

Diddy Talks Dirty Money, Sex, and Twittermania

If you follow Diddy on Twitter - and really, why wouldn't you? - you know that the rap superstar taps out…
By: Nicole Frehsée / December 16, 2010

Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj Dominate BET Awards

Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z and Drake were among the top winners at this year's BET Awards, with up-and-comer Minaj taking home three awards, including Rookie of…
By: Daniel Burgess / October 4, 2010

Jay-Z Crowned Top Hip-Hop Money Maker just announced their list of "Hip-Hop Cash Kings" -- the top 20 money earners in the rap game. The King of Kings? Jay-Z, of…
By: Eric Sundermann / August 17, 2010

Pope Gets Signed, Meth’s Glorified Pellet Gun

Here's some of the strangest music news the Internet had to offer this week:…
By: SPIN Staff / August 6, 2009

Video: P. Diddy Bromances Arctic Monkeys

Listen up HBO execs: There's a new Entourage in town -- and it has the makings of a hit show!
By: Melissa Goldstein / April 15, 2009

Jay-Z, Beyonce, Diddy Party for Obama in Philly

With the presidential campaign entering its final stretch, a cavalcade of hip-hop royalty turned out Monday in North Philadelphia -- the biggest city in one…
By: Peter Gaston / November 4, 2008