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Open Mike Eagle Is a Superhero on ‘Very Much Money (Ice King Dream)’

Open Mike Eagle is a Project Blowed alum who honors that estimable past by continuing to poke and prod at hip-hop'…
By: Chris Martins / May 1, 2014

Open Mike Eagle Humble-Brags With Art-Rap Aplomb on ‘Qualifiers’

Los Angeles' long-running Project Blowed community has been heating back up of late. Scene O.G. Aceyalone recently shared stately videos for "Pa…
By: Chris Martins / August 27, 2013

Open Mike Eagle, ‘4NML HSPTL’ (Fake Four)

The world hates backpackers; what’s a sardonically funny L.A. MC to do — at least Danny Brown likes him.
By: Mosi Reeves / June 27, 2012