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Rap Songs of the Week: Lil Wayne, Re-Energized on Young Money’s ‘Senile’

Future feat. André 3000, "Benz Friendz""FUTURE SOUND LIKE A MICROWAVE" went one moderately popular meme from last year, an assessment that felt more like a…
By: Brandon Soderberg / April 25, 2014

No Trivia’s Friday Five: Gwyneth Paltrow <3s Chief Keef

Have you checked out Gwyneth Paltrow's "Summer Jams" playlist over at Jay-Z's Life + Times website? It's a slideshow with YouTube embeds of her choice…
By: Brandon Soderberg / August 10, 2012

Nina Sky Reveal PLNDR Lookbook: See It Here!

Natalie and Nicole Albino, the twin ingenues that comprise Nina Sky, have established themselves as stalwart style fixtures over the past few years, having popped…
By: Julianne Escobedo Shepherd / July 30, 2012