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FYF Fest 2015 Lineup: Frank Ocean, Run the Jewels, Morrissey, D’Angelo, and More

Los Angeles' FYF Fest has just announced its lineup, and it's looking like Frank Ocean will make one of his first live appearances in years a…
By: Brennan Carley / May 6, 2015

Morrissey Writes Open Letter to Al Gore

Did you know that veganism can be directly related to correlated to climate control? Well, Morrissey is here to let you know that it can. Instead…
By: Rachel Brodsky / April 29, 2015

Morrissey: Desperately Seeking Record Label

Morrissey has been minus a label since being dropped by Harvest Records last year, but he is in search of a deal to re-release World Peace…
By: Rachel Brodsky / April 28, 2015

Morrissey’s ‘Kiss Me a Lot’ Video Precedes His Upcoming U.S. Tour

In Morrissey's new video for "Kiss Me A Lot," the cantankerous singer performs with a live band as women emblazoned with the song's title o…
By: Brennan Carley / April 6, 2015

Morrissey Used a Fan’s Artwork on a Tour T-Shirt Without Permission or Payment

Morrissey took a break from protecting animals to steal from one of his fans. According to a post on the Morrissey fan site by…
By: James Grebey / March 13, 2015

Firefly Music 2015 Lineup: Modest Mouse, Morrissey, Spoon, and More

UPDATE: Firefly Music Festival has confirmed that Paul McCartney will indeed be the headliner of its 2015 lineup. The Firefly Music Festival, which runs June 18…
By: Rachel Brodsky / February 17, 2015

Cranky Ol’ Morrissey Calls Madonna’s Career ‘Frightening,’ Blasts the Brit Awards

Morrissey the Grouch went on a tirade against the Brit Awards, music awards in general, and Madonna in a lengthy essay on the fan zine…
By: James Grebey / February 11, 2015

Morrissey Cancels Icelandic Concert Because Venue Won’t Go Vegetarian

At this stage in his career, it's more newsworthy when Morrissey actually performs a scheduled concert instead of cancelling it, but here we are, one…
By: Brennan Carley / February 2, 2015

Morrissey Tells a Fan He Can’t Sign an Autograph Because ‘He Has Ebola’

Morrissey seems like a great guy. According to a post on the Morrissey fan site Morrissey-Solo, a fan spotted the Debbie Downer of a singer…
By: James Grebey / January 21, 2015

Morrissey Says He ‘Felt Delight’ When a Bullfighter Was Gored

Morrissey, friend to animals and general sourpuss, really hates bullfighting. It's easy to see why, as it's essentially a gussied-up slaughter of a relatively defenseless animal.
By: James Grebey / January 8, 2015
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