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EXCLUSIVE: MC Frontalot Debuts Hilarious Video

Remember that time your Blackberry updated and all your contacts got messed up and it was the worst thing ever? Yeah, well, MC Frontalot (aka…
By: Eric Sundermann / June 23, 2010

FREE MP3: Nerdcore Rapper MC Frontalot Returns

MC Frontalot -- the rapper credited for defining the hip-hop subsect of "nerdcore" -- is back this April with his fourth album, and the leadoff…
By: Peter Gaston / February 5, 2010

MC Frontalot

What? From electro-pop pioneer Thomas Dolby to indie-rock progenitors the Feelies, nerds have always played a subversive but vital role in the field of popular…
By: Larry Fitzmaurice / December 15, 2008