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Watch the National’s Matt Berninger Write a ‘Get Lucky’ Ripoff About Chili Orgies

On their albums, the National come across as some seriously sad bastards. In concert and in interviews, however, they're actually quite funny and…
By: Dan Reilly / April 10, 2014

Walter Martin and Matt Berninger Get Wild on ‘We Like the Zoo’

Erstwhile Walkmen man Walter Martin is prepping a solo album, We're All Young Together, meant to reflect the sweetness and whimsy of youth. His latest share,…
By: Dan Reilly / April 8, 2014

The National Meets the Civil Wars for AMC’s ‘Turn’

Mad Men isn't the only AMC drama with cool opening credits by hip artists. Turn, a new show about Revolutionary War spies, feature…
By: Dan Reilly / April 4, 2014

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Brood With Matt Berninger on ‘Coming Down’

Three years ago, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah released their third album Hysterical. The amicable departures of two key members, keyboardist-guitarist Robbie Guertin and…
By: Dan Reilly / April 1, 2014

The National’s Matt Berninger Meets the Bird and Bee on ‘All Our Endless Love’

It's been a good while since we've heard from the Bird and the Bee. Their last proper album was a full-length set of Hall…
By: Chris Martins / January 29, 2014

‘Boardwalk Empire’ Soundtrack Jazzes Up St. Vincent, Patti Smith, Others

The current glut of banjo-plunking, foot-stopping bands prove that everything old can be new again — and make you boatloads of money. And if the…
By: Dan Reilly / August 7, 2013

The National Deliver Big at SPIN25 Live Concert!

If National frontman Matt Berninger ever decides to change careers, he could be a preacher or a shaman or the dictator of a small country.
By: Lizzy Goodman / July 30, 2010