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Matisyahu, ‘Spark Seeker’ (SPUNK/Fallen Sparks)

Brazilian Dr Luke protégé fails to make "inspirational," "eclectic" novelty act into the Hasidic Katy Perry.
By: Keith Harris / July 20, 2012

Best Coast’s Fleetwood Mac Cover Leads Busy Night for Late-Night TV

Fleetwood Mac comparisons are inherently overblown. The Los Angeles pop-rockers' luxurious legend and staggering sales belong to another era; groups held up to them, from…
By: Marc Hogan / July 18, 2012

Matisyahu, ‘Light’ (Epic)

No longer content to be the world's foremost Hasidic reggae star -- what an ingrate! -- Matisyahu expands his sound on the follow-up to 2006'…
By: Mikael Wood / August 25, 2009