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See Your Favorite Bands as Tiny Lego People

It's amazing what people can do with toys, talent, and a love of music. According to High Snobiety, Maylasia-based artist Adly Syairi Ramly created a…
By: Dan Reilly / March 19, 2014

Here Is a Tiny Record Store Made from Legos, You’re Welcome

Sadly, the tiny record shop you see above isn't a prefab kit made by the good folks of Lego. Impressively, it's a DIY concoction dreamed…
By: Chris Martins / October 25, 2013

Art-Pop: Lego Model of an Arena-Size Concert Is Amazing

Legos, those ingeniously interlocking Danish toy blocks, can be used to build just about anything. As it turns out, that includes a massive, exhaustive replicatio…
By: Marc Hogan / September 12, 2013