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16 People Dead at K-Pop Concert After Grate Collapses

Sixteen people fell to their deaths while attending a K-Pop concert in Seongnam, South Korea, on Friday, the Associated Press reports. The victims were standing on a…
James Grebey / October 17, 2014

PSY’s ‘Hangover’ Cure Is Snoop Dogg in Boozy New Video

One traditional cure for the lingering effects of celebrating too much is the “hair of the dog.”  PSY, being PSY, has instead gone with Snoo…
Marc Hogan / June 9, 2014

K-Pop Group Twerks to Save Classical Music

Classical music’s image problem is nothing new, but Belgium’s B-Classic music festival has hit upon a remarkable way of fixing it. As long ago a…
Marc Hogan / April 18, 2014

2NE1 ‘Crush’ New Album With Eye-Popping Video Twofer

Last week, 2NE1 released their second album in almost three and a half years, Crush, and now they’ve released a pair of head-spinningly hyperkinetic video…
Marc Hogan / March 3, 2014

G-Dragon Spreads Anarchy in K-Pop With Punk-Charged ‘Crooked’ Video

As the Ramones might’ve put it, G-Dragon is a punk rocker now. The South Korean pop singer and BigBang group leader released the first chunk…
Marc Hogan / September 6, 2013

Watch Missy Elliott and G-Dragon Duet in Official ‘Niliria’ Live Video

Missy Elliott doesn’t exactly put out new music every day. Collaborations with one of the most forward-thinking South Korean pop stars come along even le…
Marc Hogan / August 30, 2013

Will Missy Elliott’s K-Pop Convention Gig Unveil G-Dragon Team-Up?

Missy Elliott has not been immune to the pull of Korean pop music. The K-pop conference KCON takes place in Los Angeles on August 24…
Marc Hogan / August 15, 2013

K-Pop Star G-Dragon Dons Blackface in Trayvon Martin-Like Photo

G-Dragon, the leader of South Korean pop fivesome Big Bang, has a history of pushing boundaries (see K-Pop's New Style: G-Dragon Blazes a Cray Path).
Marc Hogan / July 31, 2013

K-Pop Discovers the Trap (and Dub!) in 2NE1’s ‘Falling in Love’ Video

First ladies of K-Pop 2NE1 are back with their first single since gave them the stadium treatment for his fittingly titled single, “Take o…
Chris Martins / July 9, 2013

K-Pop Fans Freak Out, Cry Racism, After Universal Music ‘Glitch’ Blocks Videos

K-pop’s ever-growing international fanbase freaked out royally when videos of popular Cube Entertainment artists 4minute, HyunA, B2ST, and G.Na were suddenly blocked for YouTube user…
Chris Martins / March 26, 2013
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