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Jay Z and Jack White Have Been Calling TIDAL Users to Say ‘Thanks’

Along with TIDAL's high price tag comes a few perks — FLAC/lossless audio, exclusive content, Taylor Swift, etc. But now it seems like there's another unique…
By: James Grebey / April 17, 2015

Beyoncé Debuts Piano Ballad ‘Die With You’ on Tidal

Just a week after Beyoncé was announced as a co-owner of the new lossless music streaming service Tidal, she's already shared an exclusive new track…
By: Colin Joyce / April 4, 2015

Here’s Who Wasn’t Onstage at Jay Z’s Big Tidal Announcement

Jay Z got some of the biggest musicians working today all on the same stage for the big launch of his recently acquired streaming service Tidal.
By: James Grebey / April 1, 2015

Jay Z, Kanye West, Jack White, Madonna, and More Officially Announce Tidal’s Launch

As promised earlier today, Jay Z held a press conference this afternoon to launch the streaming music service Tidal, which was previewed with a star-studded…
By: Brennan Carley / March 30, 2015

Watch Madonna, Daft Punk, Jack White, Kanye West, and More Convene for Jay Z’s Tidal

We know Jay Z's new streaming service Tidal is coming later today (along with a super-secret press conference featuring the Roc Nation head honcho), but…
By: Brennan Carley / March 30, 2015

Jay Z’s New Tidal Streaming Service Has Turned Everybody’s Avatar Blue

Jay Z recently bought the Scandinavian high-fidelity streaming service Tidal, and now he's calling upon his many, many friends in the music industry to mark…
By: James Grebey / March 30, 2015

The 101 Best Kanye West-Produced Songs That Don’t Feature Kanye

We've hung on every word of Kanye West's for so long — in his verses, on his Twitter, in his interviews — that it's hard…
By: Andrew Unterberger / March 24, 2015

Jack White Is Finally Releasing Vinyl Edition of Jay Z’s ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’

Jay Z and Jack White are combining their considerable musical and industrial might to release a special vinyl edition of Jay Z's 12th studio album, Magna…
By: James Grebey / March 18, 2015

Jay Z Reportedly Agrees to Split ‘Versus’ Royalties With Bruno Spoerri

Just days after the biggest music copyright case in recent memory came to a close, Jay Z has agreed to split the royalties from Magna…
By: Rachel Brodsky / March 13, 2015

Jay Electronica Comes Back Swinging With Jay Z on ‘Road to Perdition’

On "Road to Perdition," Roc Nation's Jay Electronica shows the world that sure, you can promise an album for years and never deliver one, but…
By: Brennan Carley / March 6, 2015
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