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Watch El Perro Del Mar’s Bewitching ‘Hold Off the Dawn’ Video

If you haven't yet heard El Perro Del Mar's "Walk On By," the Sade-channelling single from the Swedish singer's new album, Pale Fire,…
By: Chris Martins / December 11, 2012

El Perro del Mar, ‘Love Is Not Pop’ (The Control Group)

It's common to make music that's about a breakup, but Sarah Assbring's third album is a breakup. "I've got something to tell you..." she start…
By: Spencer Kornhaber / October 20, 2009

10 Best Overlooked Albums of 2008

Catfish Haven, Devastator (Secretly Canadian) George Hunter's voice is a truly glorious instrument, a husky amalgam of Joe Cocker's world-weary croon and Bill Medley's baritone…
By: Peter Gaston / December 22, 2008