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Vampire Weekend’s Chris Baio Preps for Solo Tour With 41-Minute Dance Mix

When Chris Baio isn't playing bass for Vampire Weekend, he's cutting together electronic tracks under his solo surname, Baio. Last fall, the multifaceted Mr. Baio…
By: Kyle McGovern / January 31, 2014

Vampire Weekend’s Baio Leaks Pair of New Songs

Vampire Weekend bassist Chris Baio (who, yes, if you didn't know, counts Scott Baio as a second cousin) has shared a pair of new dance…
By: Chris Martins / August 31, 2012

Vampire Weekend’s Chris Baio Gets a Model Tan in ‘Sunburn Modern’ Video

Last month, when Vampire Weekend bassist Chris Baio released his three-song solo EP, Tanto, the record might have come as a surprise to listeners who…
By: Marc Hogan / June 21, 2012