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SPIN Ranks 2013’s Best and Worst Comeback Albums

SPIN already dubbed “dance/pop” — not dance-pop — the Trend of the Year, but now it’s time we look at another major theme that hung…
Kyle McGovern / December 20, 2013

Chris Martins’ 25 Best Albums of 2013

To finish out the year, we'll be offering the top 25 albums from various SPIN staffers. Today, Senior Writer Chris Martins.
Chris Martins / December 12, 2013

Rap Songs of the Week: Migos Step Into the ’90s-Sports-Nerd Arena With ‘Emmitt Smith’

Caddy Bay, Gucci Mane vs. Boards of CanadaWell, we've gotten to the point in this Internet Rap thing where an album-length project that gently places Gucci…
Brandon Soderberg / November 22, 2013

Boards of Canada Harvest Back Catalogue for Massive Reissue Series

Boards of Canada ended their reclusive spell earlier this year with the SPIN Essential Tomorrow’s Harvest, and now the Scottish duo are solidifying their comeback by…
Kyle McGovern / August 15, 2013

The 15 Boldest Publicity Stunts in Music History

In the last few months, Daft Punk made a commercial that upstaged Phoenix at Coachella, Kanye made cityscapes his canvas, and Jay-Z announced he would…
SPIN Staff / June 27, 2013

Boards of Canada, ‘Tomorrow’s Harvest’ (Warp)

Right now, throughout the Atlantic Eastern Seaboard, red-eyed cicada nymphs are emerging from a 17-year hibernation to make a deafening amount of natural noise, a…
Andy Beta / June 10, 2013

Boards of Canada Fans Embark on Epic Desert Journey in ‘Semena Mertvykh’ Video

Considering all the complex code-hacking and Kanye West-like projections leading up to the announcement of Boards of Canada’s first release in eight years, it’s safe to…
Colin Stutz / June 7, 2013

Boards of Canada’s ‘Tomorrow’s Harvest’: Our Impulsive Reviews

Yesterday, Boards of Canada streamed their first album in eight years, Tomorrow's Harvest, during a YouTube event. Today, seven SPIN editors give their hasty and…
SPIN Staff / June 4, 2013

Stream Boards of Canada’s ‘Tomorrow’s Harvest’ Right Now

Finally, after months of bizarre clues, ridiculous eBay auctions, and Kanye-esque projection teasers, we can now hear Boards of Canada’s new album, Tomorrow’s Harvest,…
Kyle McGovern / June 3, 2013

Boards of Canada Plot ‘Tomorrow’s Harvest’ Album Stream

Boards of Canada fans have Monday on their mind. After weeks of teases including a surprise Record Store Day vinyl Easter Egg hunt, a multimedia…
Marc Hogan / May 31, 2013
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