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WU LYF Singer Breaks Up With His Band Via YouTube

It appears that Manchester band WU LYF have broken up. On Friday, the group shared and subsequently deleted a new song called "T R I…
Chris Martins / November 26, 2012

Brit Buzz Band WU LYF Impress in NYC

It's rare to see a young band like the Manchester, England, quartet WU LYF build so much hype so quickly, and to do so in…
Peter Gaston / July 25, 2011

WU LYF, ‘Go Tell Fire to the 
Mountain’ (LYF)

The hype-engineering? little shits in WU LYF ?have shrouded themselves in a cryptic marketing campaign of revolutionary swag, and on the Manchester quartet's first album,…
Eric Harvey / June 21, 2011