Words of Wisdom

The Libertines Give Reunion Advice: ‘Don’t Get Back Together If It’s Not Very Good’

It's not always easy to understand the recently reunited — and very scrambled-sounding — Pete Doherty and Carl Barât of the Libertines. But that's reasonable: Along with…
Rachel Brodsky / September 3, 2015

Perry Farrell’s Words of Wisdom: ‘Play Clubs, Play Parties, Play a Hot Dog Stand’

It's hard to miss Perry Farrell's blinding white teeth as the 56-year-old Jane's Addiction singer, Lollapalooza founder, and pioneering '90s Alternative Nation personality leans all the way in…
Rachel Brodsky / August 17, 2015

Mary J. Blige Gives the 411 on Life, Love, and What Makes a Strong Man

In conversation, Mary J. Blige is warm, polite, and considered. The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul is no less obliging to her fans, with whom she's shared…
Kenny Herzog / October 17, 2013

Korn’s Jonathan Davis on Addiction, Head’s Return, and Lessons from the Satanic Bible

When vocalist Jonathan Davis opened up Korn's 1994 debut single, "Blind," by growling, "Arrre youu ready?!" it wasn't so much a question as it was fair…
Kory Grow / October 7, 2013

Joan Jett: ‘I’ve Gotta Grow Up’

Even during her teenage days in the Runaways, Joan Jett sounded like she'd been around. Now, at 55, she's come fully into her survivor's rasp.
Kenny Herzog / October 3, 2013

Lou Barlow ‘Defends’ Himself

In 1987, Lou Barlow recorded a song named "Poledo," a spectral, six-minute tangle of ukelele and noise-abetted moans that had very little in common with…
David Bevan / September 18, 2013

Franz Ferdinand’s Alex Kapranos: ‘Don’t Be an Asshole’

Over the course of 13 years, Franz Ferdinand frontman Alex Kapranos has proved himself a master of camouflaging his lyrical barbs in brightly melodic, dandyishly…
Dani Bronstein / August 21, 2013

Husker Dos and Don’ts: Grant Hart’s Secrets to Success

Even as Hüsker Dü started to crumble around him in the late '80s, one could never accuse Grant Hart of lacking ambition. Alongside fellow Hüskers Bob…
Colin Joyce / July 22, 2013

The Lizard King: David Yow on Three Decades of Music and Mayhem

Speaking from his current home city of Los Angeles, David Yow answers his cell with a cartoonishly protracted, "Yeeeeaaahhhello" that sounds deceptively like the start…
Kenny Herzog / June 27, 2013

Gospel Great Mavis Staples Will Take You There

Throughout the course of a career that started with her father and sisters in the Staples Singers in the 1950s, Mavis Staples and her mighty…
Kiran Herbert / May 30, 2013

Country Kingpin Eric Church on Getting Jack’d and the Benefits of Biker Bars

"We probably have more stage jumpers and crowd surfers than anyone in country music," brags Eric Church good-naturedly over the phone from his Nashville home.
Luke McCormick / April 29, 2013

OMD’s Andy McCluskey Rewrote His Band’s History and ‘Everybody Bought It’

35 years ago, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark started as an attempt to capture the future. At the respective ages of 16 and 15, Andy…
Colin Joyce / April 9, 2013

Suede’s Brett Anderson Learns to Be Human Again

There's an argument to be made that, as far as American audiences go, Suede were the best-kept secret of the '90s Britpop explosion. That's partly…
David Marchese / March 19, 2013

Scott Weiland Wants You to Root for Him

It's more than 20 years since Stone Temple Pilots' debut, Core, yet, frontman Scott Weiland remains swept up in the winds of STP-related controversy. Hours…
Kenny Herzog / March 6, 2013

Pest Control: Adam Ant Shares Lessons of a Life in Music

Given that Adam Ant came to early '80s prominence daubed in wild face paint and dressed like a scourge of the seas, he may not…
Kenny Herzog / February 26, 2013

Johnny Marr on a Life in Rock: The Smiths’ Story ‘Has Become So Distorted’

For more than 30 years, self-taught English guitar virtuoso Johnny Marr, 49, has added jangle and class to the sounds of the Smiths, the Cribs,…
Harley Brown / January 31, 2013

Yo La Tengo’s Ira Kaplan Understands Why You’d Never Want To Be Like His Band

Fade, the forthcoming 13th album from Hoboken, New Jersey dream-fuzz trio Yo La Tengo, is somewhat curiously titled. Despite the album's mellow vibe, its 10…
Kenny Herzog / January 9, 2013

Renewed Metal: Chino Moreno on How Deftones Thrive

Deftones have turned tragedy into triumph. In the four years since their beloved former bassist, Chi Cheng, was severely injured in a car accident (he's…
David Marchese / November 9, 2012

Overkill: Lemmy’s Guide to Life

The man, the myth, the mutton chops: Ian Fraser "Lemmy" Kilmister — otherwise known as the face, voice, and bass of metal pioneers Motörhead and…
Harley Brown / October 19, 2012

ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons Discusses Geto Boys, Wicked Backbeats, and His Famous Guacamole

As ZZ Top's instantly identifiable frontman, Billy Gibbons has built a long, lucrative, and much-loved career out of a handful of chords and a steady…
David Marchese / October 5, 2012
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