Violens, ‘TRUE’ (Slumberland)

Brooklyn trio grounds airy pop soundscapes with jagged guitar, skittish rhythms, discordant squalls of rock bliss.
Melissa Giannini / May 23, 2012

Stream Violens’ Full ‘True’ LP, Get the Story Behind Each Song

Flush with demos and dreading the between-album lull, last year Brooklyn synth-pop trio Violens decided to post a song a month online to test out…
Alyssa Noel / May 10, 2012

First Spin: Hear Violens’ Jangly ‘Der Microarc’

On May 15, Violens will release True, the reverb-washed Brooklyn guitar-pop trio's first album for Slumberland. Like the previously posted "Unfolding Black Wings," our second…
Marc Hogan / March 7, 2012

Violens, ‘Amoral’ (Friendly Fire/Static Recital)

Violens mastermind Jorge Elbrecht wants listeners to imagine his band's art-pop debut as a Lynchian dream. Indeed, Amoral is macabre, idea-stuffed, and often distressing, but…
Chris Martins / October 4, 2010