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The Haxan Cloak Shares a Sinister Rework of Björk’s ‘Mouth Mantra’

British noisenik the Haxan Cloak was one of just a few outside hands allowed to stir the pot on Björk's heartbreaking album Vulnicura, so it's…
Colin Joyce / June 22, 2015

Scotland’s Clouds Go ‘Dumpster’-Diving Through Perc’s Techno Wreckage

Let's hear it for truth in advertising. The British producer Perc came correct when he came up with the titles for his second album, The…
Philip Sherburne / April 24, 2014

Untold Talks ‘Black Light Spiral,’ Nosebleed Techno, and Night Rambling

The London producer Untold's new album, Black Light Spiral, begins with a siren song, literally: just five minutes of wailing ambulances and honking fire trucks…
Philip Sherburne / February 28, 2014

Hear Untold’s Earth-Rattling ‘Drop It on the One’

Untold has started the new year with a steady, devastating rumble. The U.K. techno/post-dubstep producer, whose Hemlock label was an early home to James Blake…
Marc Hogan / January 9, 2014

Control Voltage’s Friday Five: Anthems for the House Nation’s Breakaway States

"Anthem" is a funny word. In dance music, there's hardly any higher praise; it signifies the elevation of a song to something nearing universality —…
Philip Sherburne / June 21, 2012

The Genre That Shall Not Be Named (Dubstep)

I recently stumbled upon a blog that, despite its newness and modest stature, might represent one of the most important conservation efforts in electronic dance…
Philip Sherburne / April 20, 2012