Tyga Tries Out Poverty Tourism in ‘1 to 1′ Video

Tyga's new single "1 to 1" is the backwash of the trop-pop wave, and it now has a new video that's somehow even worse. It was…
Anna Gaca / July 1, 2016

If Trop-Pop Wasn’t Dead Before, Tyga Just Killed It

Tropical music — steel drums, patois, marimbas, and more — have dominated Top 40 for the better part of the past year. Rihanna's "Work" is a prime…
Brennan Carley / June 16, 2016

Kylie Jenner Hawks New Lip Gloss Line With Bad Music Video, Because She’s Recording Music Now?

Kylie Jenner, a famous person, is apparently launching a new line of lip glosses. To mark the momentous occasion, she's shared a short film/music video/terrible indictment…
James Grebey / March 31, 2016

Tyga’s Landlord Is Reportedly Suing Him Because He Utterly Trashed His Rental Space

Tyga, a bad rapper, is also apparently a bad tenant. TMZ is reporting that the 26-year-old punchline rented space for his company, Egypt Last Kings Clothing,…
James Grebey / March 22, 2016

Tyga Denied Paul McCartney, Beck, and Taylor Hawkins Entry to His Grammys Afterparty

Paul McCartney. Beck. Taylor Hawkins. Separately you have three of rock and pop's biggest hit-makers, responsible for decades of pure musical bliss; together, you have…
Brennan Carley / February 16, 2016

Ty Dolla $ign, DJ Mustard, and Tyga Team Up on Yellow Claw’s Clattering ‘In My Room’

Amsterdam electro trio Yellow Claw just dropped their album Blood For Mercy on Friday via Mad Decent, and the project's hottest track is a bass-slapper that features…
Brennan Carley / November 23, 2015

Travis Barker Parties With Ty Dolla $ign, Kid Ink, and — Ugh — Tyga in ‘100’ Video

Blink-182's Travis Barker got all dressed up in the music video for his summer hip-hop track "100," covering (most of) his tattoos with a slick suit to…
James Grebey / November 9, 2015

Tyga to Crowd at Concert: ‘Where All the Little Girls At?’ (Update: ‘Loyal Girls?’)

Correction: Commenters on SPIN and other publications that have posted the video of Tyga are suggesting that he actually said "loyal girls," not "little girls." This makes…
James Grebey / September 5, 2015

Eww: Tyga Made a Video for His Gross Song ‘$timulated’ With Kylie Jenner

The phrase "barely legal" is usually a gross porn term best reserved for shady banner ads on the Internet's dark corners, but it's increasingly…
James Grebey / August 31, 2015

Tyga’s Really Leaning Into Those Statutory Rape Rumors on New Mixtape

Tyga, a 25-year-old rapper of thus-far dubious talent, is doing his best to ensure that 2015 isn't exclusively remembered as a stellar year for rap.
James Grebey / August 25, 2015

Tyga Keeps Trying, Drops New Mixtape ‘Fuk What They Talkin Bout’

Tyga, rapper and longtime companion of Kylie Jenner, has dropped a new mixtape rife with puzzling spellings: Fuk What They Talkin Bout. According to HotNewHipHop, the 15-track…
James Grebey / August 24, 2015

Tyga’s ‘The Gold Album’ Only Sold 2,200 Copies its First Week [Sad Trombone Noise]

Update: Tyga has addressed the album's low sales in a tweet.  @ComplexMag label I put it out for free on spotify last tues. the…
James Grebey / July 1, 2015

Tyga Just Surprise-Released His New Album, ‘The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty’

Update: According to Tyga's publicist, "[the album] was executive produced by Kanye and Mike Dean, all art made by Donda." Young Money rapper Tyga…
Brennan Carley / June 23, 2015

Tyga Got Served With Legal Papers at His Own Sneaker-Signing Event

Tyga got served with legal papers at Tuesday night's launch event for his "Liquid Gold" L.A. Gear sneaker collaboration. That by itself sucks, but it sounds like…
Rachel Brodsky / April 1, 2015

Tyga Is Attempting to Sever His Cash Money Ties

As a record label, Cash Money has had a chunk of problems come to light in recent months. Last year, Lil Wayne publically declared that…
Brennan Carley / February 23, 2015

Tyga Claps Back at Drake’s New Diss Track on Twitter

Last night, Drake dropped a new album called If You're Reading This It's Too Late, to the delight of his fans, which apparently doesn't include Tyga.
Brennan Carley / February 13, 2015

Tyga Casts Drake’s Ex-Girlfriend in ‘Make It Work’ Video

Tyga hasn't tried to hide the fact that he doesn't like fellow Young Moneymaker Drake, but now the rapper seems to have elevated the feud…
James Grebey / December 8, 2014

Tyga’s New Diss Track Might Be About Drake

Last week, we heard the startling, life-altering news that Young Money rapper Tyga had fallen out with fellow labelmate (and arguably one of the most…
Brennan Carley / October 27, 2014

Tyga ‘Doesn’t Like Drake as a Person,’ But Loves Chris Brown

Tyga might be looking to leave Young Money and go out on his own — partially because the young rapper doesn't much care for Drake…
James Grebey / October 22, 2014

Rap Songs of the Week: Lil Wayne, Re-Energized on Young Money’s ‘Senile’

Future feat. André 3000, "Benz Friendz""FUTURE SOUND LIKE A MICROWAVE" went one moderately popular meme from last year, an assessment that felt more like a…
Brandon Soderberg / April 25, 2014
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