Bon Iver: The Craftsman

Justin Vernon’s Wisconsin compound isn’t just a totem of his success — it’s a metaphor for everything he believes in and everything he wants to achieve.More »


Eddie Vedder: The Hobbyist

For some, taking a break from your megaband to make an intimate album of ukulele tunes dreamt up in Hawaii is the definition of success. Others don’t think about itMore »

Arctic Monkeys: The Graduates

After a historic debut and hype that would have undone lesser bands, Alex Turner and mates’ fourth album in five years proves they’re only getting better, if not quite bigger.More »

The Success Issue

At a moment when only an elite few albums go platinum anymore, big festivals are seen as saviors of the concert industry, and more artists than ever are charting the… More »


Black Lips: The Road Warriors

Or,How to Succeed in (the Music) Business Without (Looking Like You’re) Really Trying (and While Occasionally Peeing in Your Best Friend’s Mouth).More »

Skylar Grey: The Changeling

The radical transformation of the woman behind some of hip-hop’s biggest hits.More »

In their native England, they’re bona fide stars who have been around for two decades. They may never reach those heights here, but they don’t need to.More »


Patrick Stump: The Gambler

Fall Out Boy’s frontman wagers his personal fortune on a new solo project, and he’ll sleep on the floor if he has to.More »

Lil B: The Human Meme

He’s provocative, prolific, and boasts a following a cult leader would envy — no rapper’s success is more distinctly 2011 than this guy’s.More »