the legends

The Legends Have ‘Something Left To Die For’ in Brooding New Single

Blame it on their country's endless frigid weather, but Swedish pop acts love to lyrically expose a person's darkest emotions and simultaneously obscure them in foamy…
Rachel Brodsky / June 4, 2015

The Legends, ‘Over and Over’ (Labrador/Caroline)

No one does depression like the Swedes, except maybe for the Brits of yore. Stockholm's Johan Angergård tries to master his pain by paying tribute…
Barry Walters / August 24, 2009

Exclusive: The Legends’ Fuzzy Summertime Jam

We're really digging Over and Over, the part twee, part noise pop album from Swedish indie-pop act the Legends (out June 16 on Labrador). In…
Peter Gaston / May 29, 2009