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Car Seat Headrest Pull Album a Week Before Release Due to Cars Interpolation

No love lost between automotively inclined bands, it would seem. Stadium-indie outfit Car Seat Headrest were scheduled to release Teens of Denial, their much-buzzed-about first…
Andrew Unterberger / May 13, 2016

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2016: Who’s Gonna Get In?

Earlier today, this year's nominees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's Class of 2016 were announced. And surveying the list of the 15…
Andrew Unterberger / October 8, 2015

Blame the Knack: 8 Essentials of the Fake New Wave Feeding Frenzy

So, you know how all those left-field undie rock bands got signed to major labels in the '90s alt-goldrush wake of "Smells Like Teen Spirit,"
Chuck Eddy / April 26, 2013

Weezer Cover Cars’ Classic “You Might Think”

In recent years Weezer have been tackling the Great American Rock Songbook, delivering covers that range from the somewhat predictable (see: MGMT's "Kids" and Nirvana's…
Kevin O'Donnell / June 10, 2011

Prediction: The 10 Biggest Songs of Summer

Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Taio Cruz may have beat fans into submission last summer with their monster radio hits "Teenage Dream," "Alejandro," and "Dynamite"
Kevin O'Donnell / June 3, 2011

The Cars, ‘Move Like This’ (Hear)

On their first studio album since 1987, these re-formed new-wavers (minus late bassist Benjamin Orr) eerily replicate the synth-slicked pop-rock that drove them to superstardom.
Mikael Wood / May 10, 2011

So Many New Albums! Okkervil River + 14 More

Here's our take on the best and worst albums available online and in record stores Tuesday, May 10:…
SPIN Staff / May 10, 2011

WATCH: The Cars Are Back!

The Cars -- who, in the early '80s, spawned some of the most edgy pop-rock around, with hits like "Just What I Needed," "You Might…
Peter Gaston / February 17, 2011

The Cars Reunite, Record New Album

Back in July, the Cars posted a picture of themselves in the studio on their Facebook page and most recently teased a sample of a…
Kevin O'Donnell / October 22, 2010