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The Avalanches Release New Trailer for Who the Hell Even Knows What

Hey, a new Avalanches... something! Yesterday, the enigmatic electronic outfit behind the classic 2000 album Since I Left You — their first, last, and only…
Andrew Unterberger / May 24, 2016

Hear the Avalanches Plunge ‘Stalking to a Stranger’ Into a Disco Abyss

Little-heard-from Aussies the Avalanches unveiled a new track and music video over the weekend. No, the sample-savvy crew didn't share a piece of their long-awaited…
Kyle McGovern / September 9, 2013

The Avalanches to Release New Music Made From Other Band’s Old Music

This year has wrought new music from long-dormant artists such as My Bloody Valentine, David Bowie, Queens of the Stone Age, Daft Punk, and Justin…
Kyle McGovern / August 8, 2013

Hear Justice and the Avalanches’ Music for Electronica ‘King Kong’

The King Kong musical about to scale Melbourne like the Empire State Building might have a soundtrack loaded with laudable names from electronic music, but it's…
Marc Hogan / May 9, 2013

Justice, the Avalanches to Score New ‘King Kong’ Musical

When King Kong arrives in Australia in June of next year, the monstrous misunderstood gorilla will be beating his chest to some grade-A electronica. As…
Chris Martins / October 8, 2012

The Avalanches Return, Sort Of, With a Lullaby Mixtape

It's been 12 years since the Avalanches released their debut album, Since I Left You, a masterpiece of sample-based psychedelia, among other things, and a…
Philip Sherburne / April 23, 2012