tera melos

Hear Fang Island’s Earth-Shaking Remix of Tera Melos’ ‘Weird Circles’

Back in April, Tera Melos unleashed X'ed Out, a restless full-length that furthered the Sacramento trio's transformation from post-rock wanderers to hyperactive guitar shredders. Now,…
Kyle McGovern / September 11, 2013

Tera Melos Make Hot Dogs Dance in ‘Weird Circles’ Video

Tera Melos are very maximal when it comes to their shreddy, melodically buff art-pop. Their April LP X'ed Out is chock-full of great ideas and impressive…
Chris Martins / July 11, 2013

Stream Tera Melos’ Full, Manic ‘X’ed Out’ Album

Over three albums and a couple of lineup changes, Tera Melos, the Sacramento trio fronted by guitarist/vocalist Nick Reinhart, has made a full shift from…
Colin Joyce / April 8, 2013