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SPIN Singles Mix: 9 Juggernaut DJs, Warbling Spitters, and Lo-Fi Eccentrics

Welcome to SPIN's Singles Mix! Every Friday, the SPIN staff will pick its favorite must-hear tracks from the week for your weekend playlists. From chilly…
Kyle McGovern / September 12, 2014

See Swim Good ‘Upgrade’ Doing Laundry in New Video

Washing clothes becomes almost a psychedelic experience in the new video for Swim Good's "Upgrade." Premiered over at  Stereogum, the Jakub Blank-directed clip stars Lindsey Plevyak as…
Marc Hogan / April 30, 2014

Hear Swim Good’s Resolutely Optimistic ‘Sandviken’

The Toronto producer known as Swim Good has released only a smattering of tracks so far, but they keep being worthy of his Frank Ocean-nodding…
Marc Hogan / November 13, 2013

Hear Swim Good’s Wistful ‘Act More Stupidly’

Swim Good is a Toronto-based singer and multi-instrumentalist who originally hails from Winnipeg, Manitoba. He prefers not to publish his name — "Basically just doing…
Marc Hogan / August 2, 2013

Hear Swim Good’s Crystalline, Sample-Disco ‘Summer Solstice’

Swim Good shares a name with a song by Frank Ocean, and new track "Summer Solstice" is billed as "summer pop in the spirit of…
Marc Hogan / July 16, 2013