Spotify Will Now Allow Indie Labels To Put Albums Behind a Paywall

Today, Spotify announced a new multi-year licensing deal with Merlin, the "global music rights agency" at the helm of independent music. Following a recent partnership…
Rob Arcand / April 20, 2017

Report: Spotify Not Buying SoundCloud After All

Spotify won't be acquiring rival music streaming platform SoundCloud after all, TechCrunch reports. Rumors that a deal was in the works were reported by the Financial Times back…
Anna Gaca / December 8, 2016

Netflix Unveils Offline Streaming, Damns You to a Lifetime of Stranger Things Binging

Netflix has finally gone the way of music streaming services and Amazon Video, and is now offering users offline access to certain titles on Apple…
Winston Cook-Wilson / November 30, 2016

Mad Men Creator Matthew Weiner Is Coming Back to TV

Weiner’s back on TV, folks—and I don’t mean the sex-addicted congressman. Deadline reports that Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner just got a $70 million advance…
Winston Cook-Wilson / October 26, 2016

Garth Brooks Is the Reason to Get Amazon’s New Streaming Service

Every streaming service needs catnip to lure subscribers, and locking down the exclusive rights to superstars' catalogues is a  textbook power play in the streaming…
Winston Cook-Wilson / October 19, 2016

Album Sales Are at an All-Time Low, Again

In what come as a surprise to probably no one, album sales have hit a new all-time low. The 3.97 million albums that sold across…
Colin Stutz / August 28, 2014

Indie Giants Unite for ‘Fair Digital Deals Declaration’

More than 750 independent labels around the world have joined forces for the new "Fair Digital Deals Declaration" initiative, which demands fair and transparent accounting…
Elissa Stolman / July 16, 2014

Spotify Reaches 10 Million Paid Users, But Will It Make Money?

Music streaming has crossed a new benchmark. Spotify announced today it now has 10 million paying subscribers globally. Including free listeners, it now has 40…
Marc Hogan / May 21, 2014

AT&T Wants to Track Your Downloads and Bandwidth Use

A new patent from AT&T could potentially penalize Internet users who stream and download music online. As the Huffington Post reports, Patent US 20140010082 A1,…
Kyle McGovern / February 4, 2014

Has Turkey Banned SoundCloud?

A corruption scandal in Turkey may have caught a popular audio platform in its widening web. SoundCloud users in Turkey have reported not being able…
Marc Hogan / January 27, 2014

Download Sales Keep Plummeting, So Streaming Better Pick Up the Slack

Gentle friends, start your streaming. No, really, stream up a storm. Knock yourselves out. The music business could depend on it. Downloads, the numbers suggest,…
Marc Hogan / January 24, 2014

Four Tet Joins Bandcamp, Posts Four Early, Out-of-Print Titles

In December, Four Tet's Kieran Hebden gave away a trove of his old songs via Sendspace, quipping, "Is sendspace indie label of the year 2013?"
Philip Sherburne / January 17, 2014

Court’s Net Neutrality Smackdown Could Hurt Music Fans

A federal appeals court decision this week could have serious consequences for people who listen to music online. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the…
Marc Hogan / January 15, 2014

Spotify Adds Led Zeppelin and Free Mobile Streaming

Led Zeppelin have reunited — at least, long enough to sign a deal with Spotify. The legendary rock heavies will finally make their song catalog…
Marc Hogan / December 11, 2013

Spotify Plans Free Mobile Music Streaming

Spotify's free music streaming service is currently available only on a computer, but a free mobile version is in the works. The Sweden-based music streaming…
Marc Hogan / December 6, 2013
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