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Steve Gunn, ‘Time Off’ (Paradise of Bachelors)

Steve Gunn's guitar playing is undoubtedly original, though his languorous fingerpicking style brings up John Fahey comparisons, for sure, not to mention Nick Drake. Intricacy…
Dan Weiss / June 21, 2013

Steve Gunn: Introspective Guitar Seeker Discovers His Voice, Respects the Dead

Who: Steve Gunn owes his roommates. After graduating from high school, the singer-guitarist, who had spent his teens playing in punk and hardcore bands, moved…
David Marchese / June 18, 2013

See Steve Gunn Masterfully Unravel His Beautiful Blues in ‘Lurker’ Video

Like his buddy and bandmate Kurt Vile, Brooklyn singer-guitarist Steve Gunn seems beamed from a different time. He plays a worldly form of ancient blues.
Chris Martins / June 5, 2013