Spiral Stairs

Guitarist: New Pavement Music “Inevitable”

It's been one surprise after another for Pavement fans in the late months of 2009, including the band's decision to reunite for a boatload of…
Peter Gaston / December 2, 2009

Spiral Stairs, ‘The Real Feel’ (Matador)

For the first solo album under his nom de tune, Scott Kannberg eschews the catchy cacophony of his earlier bands -- Pavement and Preston School…
William Goodman / October 16, 2009

Hot New Download: Spiral Stairs, ‘Maltese Terrier’

Since Pavement split in 1999, frontman Stephen Malkmus has earned the most attention as a solo artist. But the release of The Real Feel, Pavement…
William Goodman / June 25, 2009