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SoundCloud Finally Launches Its Subscription Service, Go

Following years of financial and legal troubles, streaming platform SoundCloud has finally launched its long-teased subscription service, Go. Following recent deals reached with Sony Music and…
Harley Brown / March 29, 2016

Ten DJs and Producers Discuss SoundCloud’s Future

Lately, SoundCloud's troubles have been many, and confusing: Following reports that the Berlin-based streaming service was running "dangerously low on cash," a slew of internet radio…
Harley Brown / August 26, 2015

SoundCloud Welcomes Ads and Would Like Your Money, Too

Ads are coming to SoundCloud. The free music-streaming platform's effort to monetize its content — which has been anticipated since the start of summer — arrived…
Colin Stutz / August 21, 2014

SoundCloud Reportedly Close to Inking Major Label Deal

SoundCloud is reportedly closing in on deals with the major record labels that would trade equity in the startup for the ability to continue sharing copyrighted…
Colin Stutz / July 11, 2014

SoundCloud May Actually Start Paying Artists

Free music-streaming platform SoundCloud is looking at ways to monetize its content and pay some of its most popular artists. This news follows the unveiling…
Colin Stutz / June 26, 2014

Has Turkey Banned SoundCloud?

A corruption scandal in Turkey may have caught a popular audio platform in its widening web. SoundCloud users in Turkey have reported not being able…
Marc Hogan / January 27, 2014