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Sony Is Making a New Walkman (in the Year 2015)

Believe it or not, Sony has unveiled a brand-new Walkman at CES 2015. But this wasn't a misplaced '80s throwback — the new Walkman ZX2…
James Grebey / January 6, 2015

Sony Hopes High-Quality Audio Will Save the Walkman

The high-quality digital audio player market is heating up, and while Neil Young's crowd-sourced Pono player isn't exactly at an iPhone or Spotify-equivalent level just…
Colin Stutz / September 3, 2014

Police Liable for $95 Million in Records Lost During London Warehouse Fire

Almost exactly a year after the reopening of the Sony warehouse destroyed in the 2011 London riots, a judge has ruled that the Metropolitan Police…
Dan Reilly / September 13, 2013

Sony Gets Competitive With Music Unlimited Streaming App

Sony is stepping up its foray into the music streaming business. Sony's Music Unlimited will soon allow iPhone and iPod Touch users to store music…
Marc Hogan / June 25, 2013