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EXCLUSIVE: Rowdy First Clip From Sleeper Agent

Bowling Green, Kentucky's Sleeper Agent are one of our favorite new bands, thanks to their boozy, bluesy rock'n'roll, and the rowdy, boy-girl vocals by Tony…
Peter Gaston / August 2, 2011

Breaking Out: Sleeper Agent

The story behind Sleeper Agent's raucous single "Get It Daddy" says a lot about the Kentucky rowdies. Singer-guitarist Tony "Tutone" Smith, 24, explains: "A friend…
Chris Martins / July 18, 2011

Weezer Plan All-Star Cruise Fest

Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo has revealed the group's coolest concert yet: a five-day sea-faring music festival dubbed The Weezer Cruise, set to take place early…
Nate Brennan / July 12, 2011

FREE MIXTAPE! Bamboozle’s Breakout Bands

The annual Bamboozle festival happens at New Meadowlands Stadium in New Jersey, April 29-May 1, but even if you're not attending you can discover the…
Peter Gaston / April 26, 2011