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Shaq Is a DJ Now

Shaquille O’Neal, an actor who has appeared in films including the 1996 classic Kazaam, is going to DJ at TomorrowWorld 2015 under the name DJ Diesel. The star of…
James Grebey / July 15, 2015

Rapping Shaquille O’Neal Petitions Pharrell for Inclusion on Video Game Soundtrack

Though a sketchy Future remix from last year purported otherwise, former Los Angeles Laker Shaquille O’Neal hasn’t really had much of music career since the…
Colin Joyce / July 27, 2014

Shaq-Faux Comes Out of Rap Retirement for Hilarious ‘Karate Chop’ Remix

Shaq Diesel is back! Um, sort of. There’s no reason at this point — we’re crossing our fingers though — to assume the voice you…
Chris Martins / October 9, 2013