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Review: DJ Rashad and RP Boo Make Footwork Feel Again on ‘6613,’ ‘Fingers, Bank Pads, & Shoe Prints’

Footwork was never meant to be funeral music. Unwitting scene grandfather RP Boo has said that his earliest ghetto-house derived tracks were explicitly constructed so…
Colin Joyce / July 3, 2015

RP Boo, ‘Legacy’ (Planet Mu)

On “Invisibu Boogie,” an early track from RP Boo’s long-awaited debut LP, Legacy, the 15-year-veteran footwork producer puts the “work” back into Chicago’s unstoppable dance…
Puja Patel / May 21, 2013

Stream RP Boo’s ‘Legacy,’ a Frenetic Footwork Feast

RP Boo helped sow the seeds of Chicago's frenetic footwork music and dance movement all the way back in 1997. The man born Kavain Space…
Chris Martins / May 8, 2013