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Coachella Organizers Round Up Dylan, McCartney, the Stones, and More for a Historic Festival

Goldenvoice, also known as the organizers behind Coachella, are planning a giant, historic festival featuring some of the biggest, most iconic names in rock music:…
Rachel Brodsky / April 16, 2016

Roger Waters, Billy Corgan, and Tom Morello Join Forces on ‘Comfortably Numb’

Billy Corgan might be on a break from Twitter to spend time with his other hobbies — namely wrestling and a website devoted to people…
Brennan Carley / October 17, 2015

My Morning Jacket Joined Roger Waters at the Newport Folk Festival

The return of Bob Dylan's fabled electric guitar wasn't the only thing happening at the Newport Folk Festival on Friday. Roger Waters of Pink Floyd fame…
James Grebey / July 25, 2015

Roger Waters Still Not a Member of Pink Floyd, Confirms Roger Waters

Some things never change. Except, they totally do. Roger Waters helped found Pink Floyd in 1965, but he left the band in 1985. Though he…
James Grebey / October 2, 2014

Roger Waters Continues Crusade Against Israel, Calls for Another Musical Boycott

In what's becoming an annual tradition for the curmudgeonly former Pink Floyd frontman, Roger Waters has once again asked his fellow musicians to refrain from…
Daniel Kreps / March 20, 2013

Watch Present Roger Waters Dis Past Roger Waters on ‘The Daily Show’

Last night, Pink Floyd founder and 12-12-12 star Roger Waters braved The Daily Show despite having "a little bit of the bubonics," as Jon Stewart chose to…
Chris Martins / January 15, 2013

‘Forbes’ Magazine’s Highest Paid Musician Doesn’t Make Music Anymore

Forbes has released its annual list of the 25 highest paid musicians and the top spot has gone to someone who doesn't make music anymore.
Kyle McGovern / November 29, 2012

Can the Smiths’ Mutual Hatred of David Cameron Inspire a Reunion?

British Prime Minister David Cameron may be a long-time fan of the Smiths and Pink Floyd, but members of both bands seriously hate his guts.
Devon Maloney / March 2, 2012

New Green Day Music, Weezer Does Radiohead

According to Billie Joe Armstrong, Green Day are writing music for their 21st Century Breakdown follow-up, and they've already laid down a "ton"
SPIN Staff / May 31, 2011

Pink Floyd Reunite at Roger Waters’ London Show

The surviving members of Pink Floyd — Roger Waters, David Gilmour, and Nick Mason — have sworn they will never reunite to tour again after…
Kevin O'Donnell / May 13, 2011

Roger Waters Kicks Off ‘Wall’ Tour

Pink Floyd's 1979 double-album opus The Wall is one of rock 'n' roll's great paradoxes. It's a conceptually dense, often disturbing song cycle that nonetheless…
Stuart Berman / September 16, 2010

Roger Waters Tour Ad Defaces Elliott Smith Mural

Roger Waters messed with the wrong wall.
William Goodman / May 5, 2010
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