Kanye West Co-Writer Rhymefest Says Rapper Needs Mental Health Counseling

Kanye West's longtime songwriting collaborator Rhymefest, who has worked on songs including "Jesus Walks" and "New Slaves," tweeted on Friday that he stopped working with West…
Colin Stutz / February 13, 2016

Rhymefest, ‘El Che’ (dN Be)

The table was set for Rhymefest in 2006: He'd won a Grammy for writing "Jesus Walks" and had a Kanye-approved major-label debut filled with smart,…
David Peisner / May 24, 2010

Turn Up the Vote: Rhymefest

When we stopped by Chicago's Grant Park for the Lollapalooza festival, we did more than soak up the rays and tunes, taking time to talk…
SPIN Staff / August 14, 2008