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The Last Kim’s Video & Music Store is Closing

UPDATE: Kim’s Video and Music is currently seeking a different location, but the 1st Avenue is set to close sometime in July.  Thanks for the nice thoughts.
John Surico / April 21, 2014

Buy Someone You Love a Record Store for Christmas

A London man has put his entire record shop for sale on eBay. To clarify, On the Beat owner Tim Derbyshire is not selling off…
Chris Martins / November 7, 2013

Broken Records: The Final Days of Bleecker Bob’s Golden Oldies

The aromas of must and dust were what stuck with you when you exited Bleecker Bob’s Golden Oldies Record Shop, the dumpy yet iconic LP…
Kory Grow / April 24, 2013

Bleecker Bob’s in Photos: The History of New York’s Most Notorious Record Store

It was an institution, a rite of passage, a historical landmark, and a great place to kill time at 2 a.m. on a weekend before…
SPIN Staff / April 24, 2013

Labels Have Helped Prop Up HMV to the Tune of $65 Million

Final sales numbers for 2012 won’t be in until next month, but at least one music retailer has been having a tough go of it…
Marc Hogan / December 27, 2012

Watch a Documentary About Troubled New York Record Store Bleecker Bob’s

Bleecker Bob's, a record store founded in New York City's Greenwich Village in the '60s, will finally be shutting its doors before too long, another…
Marc Hogan / July 20, 2012

Chicago Record Store Leaks Hilarious ‘Do Not Never Ever Buy’ List

If you are unfortunate to be as old as a SPIN editor, you not only know what a "record store" is, but you may have…
Christopher R. Weingarten / July 18, 2012