PSY Wants to Know Who Your ‘Daddy’ Is

Earlier today, SPIN published our list of the 101 Best Songs of 2015. PSY's new song "Daddy" — a gender-flipped remake of's "I Got It…
Brennan Carley / November 30, 2015

PSY (Remember PSY?) Is Trying to Evict Tenants From the Seoul Building He Owns

PSY, the South Korean artist best (only, really) known in the West for his hit "Gangnam Style," is in the news again after a long absence.
James Grebey / October 22, 2015

PSY’s ‘Hangover’ Cure Is Snoop Dogg in Boozy New Video

One traditional cure for the lingering effects of celebrating too much is the "hair of the dog."  PSY, being PSY, has instead gone with Snoop…
Marc Hogan / June 9, 2014

Kanye West, Katy Perry, and PSY Get Their Minds Blown by David Blaine

Last night, the real-life Kanye West was commanding the stage at New York's Barclays Center, capping off a day that began with the premiere of…
Marc Hogan / November 20, 2013

120,000,000 Ylvis Fans Can’t Be Wrong

I'm standing in the rain outside the entrance to The Today Show, chatting with a hangdog Norwegian journalist about the inevitability of death and whatnot,…
David Marchese / October 15, 2013

PSYKE! K-Pop Impersonator Fools Cannes, ‘Gangnam Style’-Style

PSY's "Gangnam Style" video was been watched well more than one billion times, but in a way he's still as unrecognizable as Daft Punk. An…
Marc Hogan / May 23, 2013

Watch PSY’s Stadium-Shaking ‘Gentleman’ Live Debut

PSY performed his chart-climbing "Gangnam Style" follow-up "Gentleman" live for the first time on April 13 during his arena-sized Happening concert live-stream. Now, fans who either…
Kyle McGovern / April 26, 2013

Who Charted? Fall Out Boy ‘Save Rock and Roll’ With No. 1 Victories in 27 Countries

First! Fall Out Boy's Save Rock and Roll, which ironically knocks last week's big No. 1 rock victory completely out of the box with 154,000 units moved according…
Chris Martins / April 24, 2013

Psy’s ‘Gentleman’ Banned From South Korean TV Network for Dumbest Reason

The Psy backlash has hit where you'd least expect it: South Korea. The video for his new single "Gentleman" — currently at No. 12 on…
Jordan Sargent / April 18, 2013

Watch PSY Act Like a Creep, Thrust His Crotch in ‘Gentleman’ Video

Yesterday, when PSY finally unleashed "Gentleman", the follow-up single to last year's relentless "Gangnam Style", SPIN's Marc Hogan observed that the EDM-indebted K-Pop track's true…
Kyle McGovern / April 13, 2013

Hear PSY’s ‘Gangnam’-Like, EDM-Rap Galloper ‘Gentleman’

PSY, the international pop mainstream's toast of 2012, got off to a rough start in 2013. A Diplo remix featuring 2 Chainz couldn't help but underline…
Marc Hogan / April 12, 2013

PSY Avoids International Outcry By Not Calling His New Song ‘Assarabia’

With PSY's "Gangnam Style" having fallen out of favor and its replacement (Baauer's "Harlem Shake") already on the decline, the horse-dancing star would be smart…
Chris Martins / March 20, 2013

PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’ Fails to Regain Relevance Despite Diplo Remix

Poor PSY. He might not realize it yet, but the Earth has just been realigned on its axis, officially relegating "Gangnam Style" to the online…
Marc Hogan / March 5, 2013

Super Bowl XLVII Cheat Sheet: A Guide to the Big Game’s Biggest Musical Moments

Celebrity cameos! Slightly-better-than-usual commercials! Football! The Super Bowl Sunday telecast is so larded with spectacle that the game itself is almost ancillary, but to help manage your…
David Marchese / February 1, 2013

America Bought More Music Than Ever in 2012, Winners Include Vinyl and Adele

Nielsen, the numbers-crunching peeps behind the U.S. music-sales tracking system SoundScan, have released their year-end report for 2012 and the results are heartening. The big…
Chris Martins / January 4, 2013

Dropping the Ball: 2013’s New Year’s Eve Concerts in Photos

Jay-Z, Taylor Swift, Coldplay, and more artists who worked on NYE…
Ken Bachor / January 2, 2013

Hear DJ Earworm’s Latest Masterful Year-End Mashup ‘United States of Pop 2012′

Want to know what 2012 sounded like? For the past few years, DJ Earworm has artfully crafted one long year-end mashup for those who managed…
Daniel Kreps / December 19, 2012

K-Pop Fizz Fizz: Life After PSY

One year ago, Y.G. Entertainment, now South Korea's most successful incubator and purveyor of pop music, celebrated its 15th birthday with three "Family Concerts" in…
David Bevan / December 12, 2012

PSY Meets Obama But Misses Shout-Out for ‘Christmas in Washington’ Concert

PSY asked for forgiveness, and in the spirit of the holidays, establishment Washington appears to have forgiven him back.After apologizing on Friday for participating in…
Marc Hogan / December 10, 2012

PSY Apologizes for His ‘Anti-American’ Activities

If Bill O'Reilly had trouble understanding the appeal of PSY's beyond-viral hit "Gangnam Style," old Papa Bear's gonna have a helluva time with this one.
Chris Martins / December 7, 2012
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