Will TIDAL Be a Success? The Streaming Industry Responds

When TIDAL rolled out a couple of weeks ago, it was met with some short-term excitement (Jay Z, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Madonna, Jack White, Deadmau5, and Kanye…
Rachel Brodsky / April 13, 2015

Pandora Forges Artist-Friendly Alliance With Indie Rights Group, Merlin

Pandora has organized an alliance with the independent rights group Merlin, which constitutes the first direct deal the Internet radio company has forged with record…
Elissa Stolman / August 6, 2014

Royalties Rumble: RESPECT Act Pits Classic Artists Against Digital Radio Providers

When you're listening to vintage recordings on digital radio services, it makes a huge difference to the people who played on them whether they were…
Marc Hogan / May 29, 2014

Spotify Buys the Company Behind Those Music Maps

Last week, a behind-the-scenes music technology company called The Echo Nest took on a higher profile when it shared a handful of state-by-state maps. Whether…
Marc Hogan / March 6, 2014

Download Sales Keep Plummeting, So Streaming Better Pick Up the Slack

Gentle friends, start your streaming. No, really, stream up a storm. Knock yourselves out. The music business could depend on it. Downloads, the numbers suggest,…
Marc Hogan / January 24, 2014

Pandora Loses Case Against BMI, Will Have to Pay More for Music

In September, Internet radio provider Pandora scored a court victory against the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP). At stake: though the performing rights…
Chris Martins / December 20, 2013

Spotify Plans Free Mobile Music Streaming

Spotify's free music streaming service is currently available only on a computer, but a free mobile version is in the works. The Sweden-based music streaming…
Marc Hogan / December 6, 2013

Pandora’s Royalty Reduction Plan Fails, Artist Advocates Rejoice

There's no end in sight to the online music streaming debate, but musician groups can claim victory in one of the more contentious arguments —…
Marc Hogan / November 26, 2013

Pandora Wins Court Case, Overhauls iPad App in the Face of iTunes Radio

On the same day Apple launches its Pandora-like iTunes Radio service, the existing Pandora has plenty to celebrate. The streaming music provider has notched a courtroom victory in the…
Marc Hogan / September 18, 2013

‘Pure Dose of Awesomeness’: Apple’s iTunes Radio Launches Next Week

At last, Apple's iTunes Radio music streaming service has a firm release date. The Pandora-like service, offering customizable radio stations but not on-demand listening, will…
Marc Hogan / September 10, 2013

Apple’s iTunes Radio Could Be Here Next Month Thanks to McDonald’s

After months of chatter, Apple will finally enter the music streaming business next month, Ad Age reports, citing sources familiar with the company's advertising negotiations.
Marc Hogan / August 21, 2013

Live Music Can’t Escape the Digital App-ocalypse

The music listening experience, for all but a handful of vinyl stalwarts and cassette label junkies, has become fully digital. Spotify, Pandora, and iTunes provide…
Adam K. Raymond / August 20, 2013

Pandora Users Played David Lowery’s Song a Million Times and All He Got Was $16.89

Cracker's unlikely rock-radio staple "Low" turned 20 this year, and it's still reaping dividends for frontman David Lowery. But not as many dividends as you…
Marc Hogan / June 24, 2013

Pandora Buys a South Dakota Radio Station to Save Money

The Internet's hub for personalized radio stations ("Eye of the Tiger" radio is a personal favorite) jumped into the terrestrial radio market last Tuesday when…
Adam K. Raymond / June 19, 2013

Will Anybody Leave Spotify for iTunes Radio?

Earlier this week, Apple announced its egregiously late entrance into the music-streaming business with iTunes Radio, a service that builds custom radio stations around an…
Adam K. Raymond / June 13, 2013

Apple’s Music Streaming Service Could Arrive Next Week

Apple could have its very own streaming service as soon as next week. The New York Times reports that the technology giant is pushing hard…
Kyle McGovern / June 3, 2013

Google Unveils Lamely Named, Pandora-Like ‘All Access’ Music Streaming Service

Google has launched a paid digital streaming subscription service. As USA Today reports, "Google Play Music All Access" will provide access to millions of tracks.All Access…
Marc Hogan / May 15, 2013

Apple Reportedly Wants to Pay Lower Royalties Than Pandora, Whose CEO Just Left

And around and around the online music-streaming business goes.
Marc Hogan / March 8, 2013

Pandora’s 40-Hour Mobile Listening Limit Opens New Front in Royalties War

Pandora has been lobbying Washington to cut the royalty rates it has to pay artists. Now, the Internet radio company is taking its argument to…
Marc Hogan / February 28, 2013

Streaming Services Really Are Saving the Music Industry, Global Sales Prove

Here's something you don't read every day (and certainly not in the last 13 years): The music industry's global revenue increased in 2012. According to…
Kyle McGovern / February 27, 2013
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