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Indie Giants Unite for ‘Fair Digital Deals Declaration’

More than 750 independent labels around the world have joined forces for the new "Fair Digital Deals Declaration" initiative, which demands fair and transparent accounting…
Elissa Stolman / July 16, 2014

Virtual Currency Songcoin Aims to Save the Music Industry

Coinye West may be out of print, but a new virtual currency made for the music industry will soon hit the market. reports that…
Kyle McGovern / February 26, 2014

Streaming Services Really Are Saving the Music Industry, Global Sales Prove

Here's something you don't read every day (and certainly not in the last 13 years): The music industry's global revenue increased in 2012. According to…
Kyle McGovern / February 27, 2013

If Spotify and Pandora Are the Future, Do Artists Have One?

The New York Times has seen the future of music, and it doesn't look good for musicians.The music industry, which 10 years ago finally shifted…
Marc Hogan / January 29, 2013

Universal, EMI Now Clear for Mega-Merger

The proposed merger between Universal Music Group and EMI Group, two of the "big four" record companies, is really happening. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission…
Marc Hogan / September 21, 2012

Hey! Ho! Let’s Shop!

Another day, another delivery of Ramones wear to the East Village home of Arturo Vega, the band's former lighting director and art coordinator. (He designed…
David Browne / February 8, 2008