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Mirah Tunes in on ‘Radiomind,’ From First Solo Album Since 2009

Mirah returns this spring with her first solo album since 2009's a)spera. But that last LP, too, came after a multi-year break, and the now-Brooklyn-based Mirah Yom…
Marc Hogan / March 3, 2014

SPIN.com’s Best of the Week

Is it just us, or is the whole world going crazy? Thriller is headed to Broadway. Reformed drug addict Amy Winehouse is planning to record…
SPIN Staff / February 7, 2009

Exclusive Download: Mirah Mixes Grit With Grace

The grrrl rock and relationship-gone-bad lyrics of Liz Phair and the acoustic, orchestral tunes of Aimee Mann exist on opposite ends of the female singer-songwriter…
William Goodman / February 6, 2009

Mirah Goes Buggy in San Francisco

In a school play-like setting with wooden foldout chairs, hardwood floors, and a walk-up stage, Mirah and Spectratone International performed the entirety of Share This…
Matt Bloom / September 9, 2008