Al Jourgensen Bids Adieu to Ministry, Not to Speaking His Mind

Spend five minutes on a cross-country Skype call with the verbose Al Jourgensen and you'll realize why so many fans call him Uncle Al —…
Kenny Herzog / July 31, 2013

Industrial Metal

At first, "industrial" music meant rhythmically battering kitchen appliances with jackhammers. Later, it devolved into emaciated art-disco, until assorted reprobates added murderous metal guitar chug.
Chuck Eddy / April 1, 2010

Exclusive: Ministry’s Farewell Tour DVD

After 25 years and eleven studio albums, industrial-metal pioneers Ministry called it quits in 2008 with their final world tour, dubbed the "C U LaTour."Missed…
Larry Fitzmaurice / May 21, 2009