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Mark Kozelek Recruits Will Oldham and Low’s Mimi Parker for Subdued Cover of Waylon Jennings’ ‘Amanda’

Mark Kozelek continues his career-long prolific streak with a new covers album, Mark Kozelek Sings Favorites, out May 27 via Caldo Verde Records. Featuring covers of 10CC,…
Harley Brown / March 28, 2016

Rainn Wilson From ‘The Office’ Played Bassoon With Mark Kozelek

Rainn Wilson's character on The Office, cantankerous oddball Dwight Schrute, has more than a little in common with Sun Kil Moon's genius grump Mark Kozelek. So…
James Grebey / November 17, 2015

Sun Kil Moon and Jesu Mourn Nick Cave’s Deceased Son on ‘Exodus’

After covering Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' "The Weeping Song" last month in tribute to Cave's deceased son, Arthur, Mark Kozelek has written an…
Harley Brown / October 21, 2015

Mark Kozelek Meets His Match in the ‘Ottawa Sun,’ Which Wrote a Diss Track About Him

The Ottawa Sun will not take Sun Kil Moon mastermind Mark Kozelek's latest diss track, "The Ottawa Blues Fest Is Run by Inbreds," sitting down — even…
Harley Brown / October 1, 2015

Sun Kil Moon Shares New, On-Brand Track, ‘The Ottawa Blues Fest Is Run By Inbreds’

Singer-songwriter and noted s--t stirrer Mark Kozelek has started another fight, this time with the Ottawa CityFolk Festival. According to Stereogum, Sun Kil Moon was scheduled…
James Grebey / September 22, 2015

Mark Kozelek to Release New EP, ‘Down in the Willow Garden’

This year will close as a busy one for Mark Kozelek, a.k.a. Sun Kil Moon. The less-than-universally-loved singer-songwriter has already released one album, Universal Themes, and…
Harley Brown / August 23, 2015

Mark Kozelek Is Releasing a Spoken-Word Album of Poetry Written By ‘Street Kids in Argentina’

It turns out that the immensely talented but controversial singer-songwriter Mark Kozelek has a charitable side, albeit a bit of a strange one. The singer-songwriter — who performs as Sun…
James Grebey / July 7, 2015

Mark Kozelek and Feminist Guilt: Why I Won’t Boycott Sun Kil Moon

Let's state the obvious: Career musicians can be dicks. Anyone consistently lauded by sycophants and basking in critical adulation would be and music journalists are keenly aware of this. (Writers can…
Rachel Brodsky / June 10, 2015

Sun Kil Moon Shares Stream of New Album and an Interview He Did With El-P

Cantankerous folk rock act Sun Kil Moon's new album Universal Themes drops tomorrow, but Mark Kozelek is streaming the entire thing a day early on his website.
James Grebey / June 1, 2015

Sun Kil Moon and Jesu Will Release a Collaborative Album Later This Year

UPDATE: This is officially happening, due out February 19, 2016. Check out a track list below. 1. "Good Morning My Love" 2.
Brennan Carley / April 27, 2015

Mark Kozelek Joins Ben Gibbard Onstage For Postal Service’s ‘Such Great Heights’

Mark Kozelek to the rescue: The notoriously curmudgeonly Sun Kil Moon musician recently lent his support to Death Cab For Cutie's Ben Gibbard at a…
Brennan Carley / February 24, 2015

Sun Kil Moon Announces New Album, ‘Universal Themes’

Sun Kil Moon's Mark Kozelek has announced plans to release the follow-up to 2014's Benji (a.k.a. No. 6 on SPIN's list of the 50 Best Albums…
Rachel Brodsky / February 19, 2015

Read Ben Gibbard and Mark Kozelek’s Latest Batch of Pen-Pal Emails

Old buddies Ben Gibbard and Mark Kozelek are also very much pen pals, something they revealed last November when they published "The Thread," i.e., a series…
Rachel Brodsky / February 2, 2015

Hear Sun Kil Moon’s Nine-Minute Epic, ‘The Possum’

Taking a breather from asking the War on Drugs to suck his cock, Sun Kil Moon — a.k.a. Mark Kozelek — has released a nine-minute…
Rachel Brodsky / November 21, 2014

Mark Kozelek’s Feud With the War On Drugs Continues (to Be Stupid)

And the long-running, mostly one-sided feud between Sun Kil Moon's Mark Kozelek and the War On Drugs rages on. Kozelek has now taken comments that WOD leader…
James Grebey / October 29, 2014

Listen and Read the Lyrics to Mark Kozelek’s ‘War on Drugs, Suck My Cock’

The year's most unexpected musical feud took yet another turn for the preposterous last night with the release of "War on Drugs: Suck My Cock,"
Andrew Unterberger / October 7, 2014

Mark Kozelek Challenges the War on Drugs to ‘Have a Sense of Humor’ Onstage

He may have created the year's most dolorous, heavy-handed album, but don't ever let 'em tell you that Mark Kozelek can't have himself a bit…
Andrew Unterberger / October 1, 2014

Hear Mark Kozelek’s Wounded ‘It’s Easier Now’ Cover, From Jason Molina Tribute Album

As a tribute to the recently deceased Jason Molina — the singer-songwriter who recorded under his own name, as well as the Songs: Ohia and…
Kyle McGovern / March 25, 2013

10 Albums You Can Hear Now: Puscifer, J. Cole, Gucci Mane, Johnny Depp’s Pirates, and More

What up, Hump Day? Celebrate the week's halfway mark by grabbing a pair of headphones and streaming the 10 albums below.1) Puscifer, Donkey Punch the…
Kyle McGovern / February 13, 2013

Hear Mark Kozelek Fine-Tune Ted Nugent on ‘Free for All’

Under his own name as well as with Sun Kil Moon and Red House Painters, Mark Kozelek has mined a rich vein of evocative, melancholia; Ted…
David Marchese / February 12, 2013
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