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Watch Margaret Cho Invade Bonnaroo, Accost Indie Rockers

Last week, we watched Das Racist drag their parents to Bumbershoot. Today, to herald the release of Margaret Cho's stand-up concert film, Cho Dependent —…
SPIN Staff / November 15, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: Margaret Cho Teams with Tegan & Sara!

For her new album, Cho-Dependent (out August 24), comedienne Margaret Cho wrote and recorded rock songs with a star-studded roster of artists, including indie icon…
Peter Gaston / August 2, 2010

Artist Interviews from Bonnaroo: Day 3

On Bonnaroo's third day of action, artists continued to visit with SPIN's Peter Gaston at the Budweiser Troo Music Lounge for interviews and fan questions.
SPIN Staff / June 13, 2009