Nostalgia Is Heavy: L7 on Hitting the Stage for the First Time in 18 Years

Never refer to L7’s rehearsals as jam sessions. The iconic grunge four-piece is and always has been built around guitar, drums, bass, and tight tracks…
Shauna Farnell / June 15, 2015

Punk Legends L7 Will Reunite for Festival Appearances This Summer

After nearly fifteen years of inactivity, '80s Los Angeles punk pioneers L7 have just announced their first reunion performances at festivals including Hellfest (June 20, 2015…
Brennan Carley / January 27, 2015

L7 Look Back at 20 Years of ‘Pretend We’re Dead’

As '90s alt-rock anthems go, L7's "Pretend We're Dead" was a perfectly immediate slice of "bubblegrunge," simultaneously channeling the noisiness of an active trash compactor…
Phoebe Reilly / March 7, 2012