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Kate Bush Remembers Prince, ‘The Most Incredibly Talented Artist’

Singer-songwriter Kate Bush has shared a brief but heartfelt tribute to Prince on her website. Bush and the late artist were collaborators and mutual fans. "He was…
Anna Gaca / April 25, 2016

Kate Bush Pens Touching Tribute to David Bowie

Famously private singer Kate Bush penned a rare public statement to paid tribute to the late David Bowie, who died last week at age 69.
James Grebey / January 19, 2016

Kate Bush’s ‘Hounds of Love’: The Dismemberment Plan, Röyksopp, and More Talk Their Top Tracks

With her famously elusive nature, propensity for literary lyrics, enchanting — often unearthly — vocals, and overall air of theatricality, Kate Bush pushed the boundaries of '80s…
Rachel Brodsky / September 14, 2015

Kate Bush’s House Might Fall Into the Ocean

Kate Bush can tell you, privacy has its costs.It's not just the effort that goes into staging a comeback after 35 years out of the…
Colin Stutz / September 3, 2014

Watch Kate Bush Stage Her Massive Comeback Live in London

Kate Bush finally returned to the stage in London last night for her first tour in 35 years, working her way through a set-list that…
Brennan Carley / August 27, 2014

Watch This Kate Bush Doc Featuring Big Boi, St. Vincent, and Steve Coogan

Kate Bush is set to take the stage for the first time in 35 years on August 26 and in celebration of her reemergence, BBC…
Colin Joyce / August 25, 2014

Kate Bush Announces First Concerts in 35 Years

Kate Bush followers rejoice! The legendary singer-songwriter has announced her first tour in 35 years. On Friday, Bush revealed plans for "Before the Dawn," a…
Kyle McGovern / March 21, 2014

Horde of Kate Bush Look-Alikes Overrun U.K. Park

Hundreds of Kate Bush fans reached all new wuthering heights this past weekend, setting a world record for the most Bush look-alikes reenacting the video…
Kyle McGovern / May 29, 2013

A Short History of Big Boi’s Kate Bush Obsession

Big Boi's recent praise for Kate Bush's new album 50 Words for Snow has been making the rounds lately, and with good reason. "The album,…
Marc Hogan / November 23, 2011

Review: Kate Bush, ’50 Words for Snow’

Thirty years into her career, Kate Bush's sensual world is still enrapturing disciples from Fever Ray to Florence and the Machine, but there are no…
Jessica Hopper / November 21, 2011

Kate Bush, ‘Director’s Cut’

By 1993, Kate Bush was in mourning for her mother, her love life, her guitarist, and her inspirations. England's first truly daring female pop musician…
Barry Walters / May 31, 2011