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Journey Drummer Deen Castronovo Reportedly Charged With Rape

Journey's former touring drummer Deen Castronovo was arrested earlier this month on allegations of assaulting his wife, but TMZ reports that those charges have now…
Colin Joyce / June 30, 2015

Journey’s Touring Drummer Deen Castronovo Arrested for Alleged Assault

According to TMZ, Journey drummer Deen Castronovo was arrested yesterday on assault charges. On Tuesday morning, Castronovo — who's been touring with the band on and off…
Brennan Carley / June 17, 2015

SPIN’s 30 Best Musical Moments From TV’s Latest Golden Age

In the not-to-distant future, we won't even call it "TV." It'll be something else — some combination of "scripted," "serialized," and "awesome" that eschews the…
SPIN Staff / April 7, 2014

Romney Scores Kid Rock’s Support, Obama Gets the National

As we hurdle headlong toward the November presidential elections, musicians are drawing lines in the sand. A pair of nearly identical tweets from Soundgarden's Chris…
Kory Grow and Chris Martins / August 27, 2012

The Inquisition: Lionel Richie

To a certain age group, Lionel Richie may have more cred for being the adoptive father of Nicole Richie than as a musician -- which,…
John Sellers / January 18, 2009