J. Dilla

J Dilla’s ‘The Sickness’ Gets a Kaleidoscopic Video Featuring Nas

The Diary, originally intended to be the late MC and producer J Dilla's major label debut, has a few gems studded throughout its short runtime. The brightest…
Brian Josephs / April 27, 2016

Review: J Dilla Would’ve Surprised the Streets With ‘The Diary’

Posthumous releases are always a complicated undertaking, filled with conflicting attitudes about desiring new art and wanting to also respect the memory of the deceased.
Israel Daramola / April 19, 2016

Watch the Video for Phife Dawg’s Posthumous ‘Nutshell,’ and Kanye West’s Tribute Speech

Yesterday, Apple Music released "Nutshell," the first advance track from Give Thanks, the solo album that Phife Dawg had been working on before his tragic…
Andrew Unterberger / April 6, 2016

Stream J Dilla’s ‘Dillatronic,’ Featuring 41 Rare Instrumental Tracks

Dillatronic is the latest collection of hard-to-track-down material released from the late, great producer J Dilla's vaults. This release was put together by Ma Dukes,…
Colin Joyce / October 26, 2015

Slum Village and De La Soul Release Brooding ‘Right Back’

Following "Expressive" and "Push It Along," the first listens off Slum Village's forthcoming record Yes! (out June 16 via Ne'Astra Music), the seminal hip-hop group has shared "Right Back."
Harley Brown / June 6, 2015

J Dilla’s Sampler and Synthesizer Are Going to the Smithsonian

It should go without saying that J Dilla's effect on modern music was profound. The late, great beatmaker (De La Soul, Donuts, the Roots) has of…
Colin Stutz / July 19, 2014

‘Ma Dukes’ Announces Ornate J Dilla Box Set, Shares Unreleased ‘Filth’

It's been eight years since the tragic passing of the pioneering Detroit-born beatmaker J Dilla (real name: James Yancey), but a steady stream of unreleased…
Colin Joyce / June 21, 2014

Kanye West Extols J Dilla in Stones Throw Documentary Bonus Video

Stones Throw has been capitalizing on its ravenous crate-digging for the better part of two decades now, and this week the omnivorous Los Angeles hip-hop…
Colin Joyce / May 29, 2014

Questlove Remembers J Dilla’s Final Days in ‘Donuts’ Book

In his 33 1/3 book, J Dilla's Donuts, author Jordan Ferguson explores one of the most quintessential hip-hop albums in recent history, interviewing dozens of…
John Surico / April 25, 2014

De La Soul Hide ‘Smell the D.A.I.S.Y.’ Vinyl in Record Stores

First, De La Soul released their entire discography for free. Then, after the iconic hip-hop group teased us with "Vocabulary Spills" and "Dilla Plugged In," they unveiled the…
John Surico / April 17, 2014

Hear J Dilla’s Unreleased Heater, ‘Give Em What They Want’

Any day that brings a new J Dilla song is a good day indeed. In "Give Em What They Want," we hear a previously unreleased vocal,…
John Surico / April 16, 2014

Stream De La Soul’s J Dilla-Produced ‘Smell the D.A.I.S.Y.’ Mixtape

De La Soul have been in generous spirits of late. Not long after they offered their entire discography for free, the iconic hip-hop trio shared…
Kyle McGovern / March 26, 2014

De La Soul Drop Knowledge Over J Dilla’s ‘Vocabulary Spills’

De La Soul are back with another taste of their posthumously J Dilla-produced mixtape Smell the D.A.I.S.Y., this time in the form of "Vocabulary Spills." The…
Dan Reilly / March 21, 2014

De La Soul Get ‘Plugged In’ on New J Dilla-Produced Track

The gifts from De La Soul just keep coming. Mere weeks after offering up their entire discography, 25 hours of music in all, as a…
Dan Reilly / March 4, 2014

De La Soul Are Giving Away All of Their Music for Free

"De La Soul is from the soul," the legendary rap trio once famously stated, but they're honoring the heart on Valentine's Day by offering up…
Chris Martins / February 14, 2014

Watch Madlib Compare J Dilla to Coltrane in Rare Video Interview

Revered rap producer Madlib is a notoriously difficult guy to pin down for an interview. The staggeringly prolific artist usually prefers to keep his head…
Chris Martins / December 27, 2013

J Dilla’s ‘Donuts’ Legacy Honored With Actual Doughnut Shop

Since J Dilla's passing in 2006, the late, great Donuts auteur has been honored with a slew of posthumous releases. This year alone, Jay Dee…
Kyle McGovern / August 28, 2013

J Dilla’s Rhymes Shine Posthumously on ‘Diamonds’

Though J Dilla passed away in 2006, the revered rap producer and occasional MC only seems to catch more shine as the days roll on.
Chris Martins / August 2, 2013

Jonwayne Reclaims His Family Name on ‘Marion Morrison’ Mixtape

Los Angeles rapper-producer Jonwayne has returned with Cassette 3: The Marion Morrison Mixtape, a free showcase for the man's considerable skills which also includes cameos from…
Chris Martins / July 31, 2013

Jonwayne Humbles Himself Over a Vintage J Dilla Beat on ‘Notes to Myself’

Rising Los Angeles rapper Jonwayne announced his forthcoming Marion Morrison mixtape today by sharing "Notes to Myself," a rock-solid new cut that finds him going in…
Chris Martins / June 12, 2013
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